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Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology greatly reduces the volume of unwanted noise from the environment, improving the experience of listening to mobile communications and multimedia devices. ANC helps to significantly reduce noise-induced stress and enhance the everyday enjoyment of audio applications.


ams is the leading provider of ANC chips for headphones, earphones and earbuds. Incorporating hybrid ANC technology and zero-latency analog signal processing, an ams ANC IC provides more than 40dB attenuation of unwanted ambient noise inside the headphone’s ear cup.

The ams ANC products are monolithic ICs which have a smaller footprint than any competing device on the market. ANC solutions from ams are highly cost effective, and consume less power than any equivalent solution.

The ams ANC system can be used stand-alone or in connection with a Bluetooth®, USB-C or Lightning® codec. The IC’s low power consumption means that all-day operation is easily possible even with small batteries.


Customers also benefit from expert ams guidance on the mechanical and acoustic considerations to take into account when designing a new noise-cancelling audio product.


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This video explains ams’ highly optimized ANC technology, a noise cancellation solution for headphones and headsets. ANC reduces unwanted noise from the ambiance while improving the listening experience of mobile communications and multimedia applications. Beside all functional qualities, ams’ ANC offers much more: a monolithic design that has the smallest footprint on the market. ANC solutions are highly cost effective and consume the lowest power of any other equivalent solution. In short, ANC helps to significantly reduce noise induced stress and enhance the listening experience in everyday life.