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Are you interested in doing the research for the dissertation for your degree, or your Master's thesis, at ams? Or in spending a semester gaining practical experience at one of the world’s most successful semiconductor companies? If so, we're interested in you! Why not start your ams career during your university studies? We are always looking for talented students who are enthusiastic about microelectronics. A period of practical training is a good opportunity to get to know our company and also to gain valuable industry experience.

Apply now for the following internships (deadline: 31.01.2019)

Please make sure that your application includes the following information: CV (stating if you are pupil or student), exact duration and period of desired internship, is it a mandatory internship (yes or no), completed Matura at the time of internship (yes or no).

If you would like to perform the research for a dissertation or thesis at ams, please send information about your preferred subject and a CV, and we will try to find a way to accommodate you.

Student - Apprenticeships



ams offers opportunities for young people to enter apprenticeships which provide a pathway to a position in the company. We are always looking for talented young individuals who are enthusiastic and want to learn about the practical application of electronic engineering/microelectronics skills and knowledge.